Whither the Crown Corporation? The Semantics of Privatization

The Saskatchewan government’s recent legislative efforts to define what is – and what is not – “privatization,” has left us all floundering in a game of useless semantics. Does the sale of a 49% stake in a provincial Crown corporation constitute “privatization?” Or is it merely “partial privatization?” Can something…
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CETA to be signed unchanged, but less likely to be ratified after Wallonian resistance

A week of pressure from four Belgian regions opposed to CETA, led by the courageous Walloons, has produced a revised “joint interpretive instrument” and, importantly, a new list of conditions that must be met before Belgium can ratify the deal. The instrument, agreed to Thursday and part of a package…
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Ten things to know about the CPP debate

This fall, Canada’s Parliament will debate a recent proposal to expand the Canada Pension Plan (CPP).[1]?Indeed, since the 2008-2009 world financial crisis, Canada has witnessed a renewed public debate on the CPP.? Two factors have prompted this. First, as a result of the crisis, employer-sponsored pension plans lost substantial value….
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Wallonia’s inspiring stand on CETA

Today the regional government of Wallonia in Belgium rebuffed Canada’s last-minute efforts to salvage a deeply flawed and increasingly unpopular transatlantic free trade agreement. By standing firm under incredible pressure (and a considerable amount of bullying), First Minister Paul Magnette gave a voice to millions of citizens who feel the…
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Hurrahs for the “death of neoliberalism” are premature

?The crushing of protest and the promotion of corporate power – by instruments such as the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – are just two forms of the extreme government intervention required to create a system which claims to be free from government intervention.? —George Monbiot. The damaging economic,…
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